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Codex Reproduction Number 59/100

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This limited edition reproduction of artist Graziella Malagoni's Codex: Devotional Imprints in Time contains thousands of vibrational imprints that have transformational power. These glyphs are to be used with the guidance and intention of your Divine Mind. For example, to change the vibration of your food and drinks, heal your body, alter your mood, or attract more money.

Connect to your Divine Mind through your Body-Soul Bridge.

Signed and Certified Reproduction Number 59/100

The content of this box is a certified reproduction of the original Codex: Devotional Imprints in Time. Copyright © 2012 Graziella Malagoni

  • A limited edition of 100 boxed folia is printed in colour
  • Size: 8.5”x11”
  • The unique boxes are designed and constructed by the artist, Graziella Malagoni.

About the Original

The original artist folio titled “Codex: Devotional Imprints in Time” contains 62 unbound folia. All pages, with hand-written calligraphy and illustrations, are composed on handmade linen paper (18”x24” from Papeterie St. Armand) and are held in an artist archival box. The complete codex of 62 folia is meant to be held as a unit; however each folium at random is an Imprint in Time and can be explored and interpreted on its own. Enumeration of each folium does not signify sequential order, but is used to permit identification of each individual page out of a total of 62, including title and index pages.

The “Devotional Imprints in Time” are an intuitive text in calligraphy and illustrated in spontaneous gestures that come from emptiness, silence, and devotion. Each Devotional Imprint is unique, like every moment in Time. Icons flow through pen and ink in a moment of creativity where the artist is a conduit who tells a story in a mysterious language open to the reader’s interpretation.

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