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What’s it like to be in a room with a bunch of magical people?

Did you know that you are magical?

Leadership … Career … Health … Relationships … Future … Power

Your Divine Mind sends messages to your Human Mind through your Body-Soul Bridge. Are you receiving the information?

When you learn to receive answers to all your questions, people will think you are magical!

Body-Soul Bridge One-on-One Coaching Appointment

Learn to access your guidance in the company of fellow spiritual warriors. Grab your magic wand and join a Body-Soul Bridge Workshop. You will learn to receive messages in a safe and confidential space that encourages transformation. The messages may be about:

  • Supplements
  • Food
  • Your Symptoms
  • Thought Transformation
  • Mood Improvement
  • Vibrational Imprints
  • Communication & Body Language

The information you receive will help you to reach deeper levels of wholeness and step into your future with confidence.

Monica Levin has been helping people regain their health and vitality since 1987 and is available for workshops!

Host a Body-Soul Bridge Workshop

Call 248-656-2505 or email for information about hosting a Body-Soul Bridge Workshop.

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