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Oracle Card Guidebook: Balance

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Oracle Card Guidebook: Balance

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The intention of this guidebook is to help you receive messages from your Divine Mind by using a standard deck of poker cards (not included with the purchase of this guidebook). Messages can be about emotions, presence, creation, or purpose.

Two pages are dedicated to each card. The first page contains the card’s general meaning as well as additional possible meanings. The second page invites you to add notes or to create your own card meaning.

How to Use this Guidebook

Step 1: Set your intention with a question or a statement.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.
  • General:
    • “What do you want me to know at this time?”
    • “What should I pay attention to today for the highest good of all?”
    • “Please give me some comforting words.”
  • Specific:
    • “What do I need to know about ____?”
    • “What do you want to tell me to do about ____?”
    • “What is hidden to everyone about ____?”
Step 2: Select a card.
Select the card that your Divine Mind indicates using your inner pendulum or intuition.
Step 3: Read the card meaning.
Turn to the pages that correspond to the card. Read the general meaning and possible meanings because they serve as catalysts for communication with your Divine Mind. Journal, add your notes, or write an alternative meaning.

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