Are there things you can do to improve your mood?

BlogAre there things you can do to improve your mood?

There are simple things that you can do to improve your mood, including keep your energy field clear, write in your gratitude journal before bed, keep your posture open, and wear a genuine smile.

Clear Your Energy Field

If you are intuitive, you may pick up other people’s thoughts and feelings. If they’re thinking something negative, you might feel negative and not realize that the feeling isn’t yours! Keep your energy field cleansed and compact.

Write in Your Gratitude Journal

If you write down three things that you’re grateful for before you go to bed, you will carry the appreciative feeling into your dreams and wake up feeling appreciative.

Keep Your Posture Open

Your feelings affect your posture, and your posture affects your feelings. If you keep your posture up and open (also known as power posing) you will feel more confident and powerful.

Wear a Genuine Smile

Your feelings affect your facial expressions, and your facial expressions affect your feelings. Be intentional about keeping a genuine smile on your face. Think of something funny to make yourself smile.

Improve Your Mood

The Body-Soul Bridge by Monica Levin contains suggestions for improving your mood and a lot more!

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