What is Spooky2 Rife?

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My Divine Mind told me to purchase and use Spooky2 Rife machines in November 2018 and I have been very pleased with them. What does your Divine Mind tell you to do?

Intuition & the Body-Soul Bridge

Watch this interview, where Monica Levin talks about how to use your Body-Soul Bridge to get answers, including which programs to run on the Spooky2 Rife machine.

What is a Rife Machine?

What is a Rife Machine?

How Do I Know Which Spooky2 Kit to Buy?

If you are wondering which Spooky2 Rife kit to buy, check out this article.

How Do I Know Which Spooky2 Kit to Buy?

Spooky2 Rife Kits

XM Generator Kits

Spooky2 Rife xm Generator kits

Generator X Kits

Spooky2 Rife Generatorx Kits

I started with the Spooky2 kit that comes with two generators.

Then I added the GeneratorX because it only takes seven minutes to do a biofeedback scan!

The Spooky2 group is very helpful! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or contact Spooky2.